Photo by © Marina Bellezzo    

Photo by © Marina Bellezzo


About the artist:

    Jorge Carrillo is the photographer and owner of Lens of Perception Photography. As a Fullerton College alumni, Jorge went the extra mile to complete all photography courses required to receive his professional photography certificate ahead of graduating with a Degree in Arts. 

"Art is my true passion. Whether it is poetry, music, or photography, I have always been involved with some form of creative art. As a photographer, I can share my creative thoughts and personal views of the world, with the world, and have fun with it. When it comes to business, I am selected as photographer because my work incorporates creativity and the professional skill set to execute the assigned project at hand."

About Lens of Perception:

    "I decided to do something different and come up with something original as a business/artistic name. I decided on the term Lens of Perception because it is indefinite in expression. I feel like that phrase speaks truly when representing my photography. I see it as: the photos I capture are first processed through my conceptual lens of perception, my mind. My creative ideas are then instantly captured through a tangible and physical form of my lens of perception, my camera.

I believe everybody has their own distinct way of viewing what's around them. The way we take in and interpret certain situations may be based on the experiences of our past and present, which influences our thoughts and actions for the future. As an independent photographer, I have the liberty to utilize my personal influences and artistic style to any project I shoot."

                  Orange County | Los Angeles